Hola! We are AmorClothingCo.--> for now....((we've got some exciting changes coming.. we have been waiting for this news for over 2 years.. so pray with us it comes soon...))

We are designers and lovers of Christ, here to share the good news through our collection.

Amor | Spanish for Love | Noun | God is Love.

Est. 7.21.20

Diana | Shop Curator, Designer & Founder

Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus for this life!

We handpick and design* all of our looks & goods, here in sunny Gilbert, Arizona.

We are sharing our love for Jesus with you through our talents and collection.

JESUS, period.

God has completely changed our lives, mindset and the reason we do what we do. We've turned our passion for design into glorifying God.

Oh how sweet is that... To be able to use this platform as a form of ministry is a blessing! We hope you love our collection as we are honored to share it with you. 

God is good always, & we're making it known. If you're completely willing for God to use you, He'll move others through you.

We pray that our looks and goods spark conversations that lead back to our God & His faithfulness in your life. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR STORY. The power of your testimony is our weapon against the evil in this world.

This world needs more Jesus, and we pray we can continue to spread the good news.

We pray blessings, provision, wisdom and peace over you, and your family, and your children, and their children.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

We giveback 10% of all proceeds to local outreach.

With every purchase, we are contributing to Christian Communities. We contribute to Christian organizations, including Youth Alive and a Christian mission for unplanned pregnancies and soon-to-be mothers. Youth Alive believes in students reaching students, by having life-giving campus clubs for students to reach their schools for Christ.

With our proceeds, we have been blessed to be able to sponsor a 9 year old girl named Mirte, from Ethiopia!

We get to provide her with access to clean water, medical aid, food, education & most important JESUS. You can help us in praying for her, and her family. Her father is a farmer, and mother is a housewife, she has 4 siblings. God thank you for the opportunity to be able to bless someone else, who may not have had the opportunities that we get to have on a daily basis. We pray for your love to shine bright over Mirte, her family & community. AMEN.

As we grow, we pray we can continue to give to additional Christian missions and ministries!